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Care and Rehabilitation of Injured and
Orphaned Starlings

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Identifying A Baby Starling or Sparrow

So you have found a wild baby bird in distress, and you think it is a starling or sparrow?

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from the egg to fledging, click below.

To see day by day photos of baby House Sparrows from hatching to fledging, click below.

Baby birds cannot fly when they first leave the nest, or fledge. If they are fully feathered they need to be on the ground for a few days to learn. Their parents are still taking care of them and teaching them how to fly. These babies do not need our help except to keep our cats indoors until they are safely off the ground.

If you find a baby bird, the first thing is to make sure it is uninjured with no broken bones. If it has been anywhere near a cat, it is important to contact a vet or rehabber to get information on antibiotics for it. Just the smallest nick or scratch from a cat or dog can be fatal to a bird!

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