In the Nest

DAY 10 : Starling Nestling with Wing Feathers Unfurling

The chicks are very alert and aware now and don't particularly like being removed from the nest. However, once out they get rather curious about the world around them. This one didn't like being placed on the towel. It seemed to have some fear of being left in the open. However, it looked plenty comfy when I placed him out on the lawn or when I held him. The wing feathers seem to sprout out of tubes. Another interesting thing is perhaps my exposing chicks to the outside world early has aroused their curiosity. The first clutch pretty much hid in the back of the nest until a few days before they were ready to leave. These chicks were hanging out right near the nest opening all day, even looking out.

Starling Nestling with Wing Feathers Unfurling -- Day 10

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